"No Look" First Look on your wedding day-St. Joseph-Wedding Photographer

first look no look edits-1.jpg

The "No-Look" first look.⁠⁠This is a different take on the First Look Photos.

First Look photos occur after you are all ready for your big day, but with enough time to take some photos together to cherish the few quiet moments before the official itinerary begins.⁠⁠I always encourage my couples who don't do the "first look" option to make sure they carve out a good hour of time together (when possible) to get the special keepsake photos of the two of you. This is also a great time to just take in the day together without all the watchful eyes of your guests.⁠⁠

This "no-look" version allows a sweet moment together without giving away the surprise of that initial sight of each other down the isle. Both are dependent on your personalities, what you are truly wanting and the time you have together during your wedding day.⁠⁠

Whatever you choose, just do you...and you will have no regrets!⁠