Sister Snow Session {Kalamazoo, Michigan Children Photographer}

What better way to beat the winter blues that go tromping through the snow and enjoy the wintery fluff!

We had the perfect day…sometime between the coldest temperatures Michigan has seen in decades, and the one day before the pre-spring when everything turned into a melted, muddy, mess.

I hadn’t seen these girls since the youngest was just a newborn baby, but I am always honored when clients return and come with great ideas for a fun and active session. I love this job!

Ristau Girls Snow-2.jpg
Ristau Girls Snow-20.jpg
Ristau Girls Snow-9.jpg
Ristau Girls Snow-30.jpg
Ristau Girls Snow-41.jpg
Ristau Girls Snow-53.jpg
Ristau Girls Snow-47.jpg