Kalamazoo Engagement Session, Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer

This was an extra special session for me...not only is Stacey a great friend... and a co-worker, but we're sort of family... and I say, sort of, only because even my kids call her "Aunt Stacey" and my brother is married to her sister...so you see the confusion for a 5 year old <3 

I can't even remember how long I have known Chris and Stacey, but I do know that I have never known them apart.  We have gone on vacations together (sort-of, you know) since our families seem to be in the same place frequently since we're "sort of" related.  But even with all of these family coincidences, I am still so blessed to also call them both friends.  I am honored to be able to be traveling with their family for an intimate wedding this coming winter (more on the blog when that happens).  With just a few details remaining for the wedding, we wanted to make sure and get some photos of just these two in the most beautiful time in Michigan.  Its apparently still up for debate on how special this location was to the both of them, as there is a story that they used to walk their dogs on the trail a time...or maybe two.  Regardless of how many times they had been there before, it could not have been a more perfect summer night at McLinden Trails to get their engagement photos done.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

C&S Engagement-1.jpg
C&S Engagement-8.jpg
C&S Engagement-16.jpg
C&S Engagement-21.jpg
C&S Engagement-28.jpg
C&S Engagement-31.jpg
C&S Engagement-36.jpg
C&S Engagement-42.jpg
C&S Engagement-48.jpg

As the countdown continues to December 8th and your big day, I am so excited both as your friend, and now your photographer to capture these memories for your family.  Thank you for choosing me... I am excited and honored to take part in this way!